2020 International Conference on Education Studies: Experience and Innovation (ICESEI 2020)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of papers:
Sep. 16, 2020
Notification of Acceptance / Rejection:
Sep. 23, 2020
Conference Date:
Sep. 30- Oct. 01, 2020

Submission E-mail


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Paper Submission


Please prepare your paper in MS Word according to the following instructions. And submit your paper and the Paper Submission Form by email attachments to icesei99@163.com by the given deadline. All papers should be no less than 4 pages (≥4) in length.

Before you send the manuscript and Paper Submission Form to the icesei99@163.com, please make sure your manuscript file have a filename “(Topic field) Paper title.doc”

and your Paper Submission Form will have a filename“(Topic field) Paper submission form.xls”.

For example:

(01) Education. doc

(01)Paper submission form.xls

Word Template: NEW_AuthorInstructions.rtf

Paper Submission Form (in English)


IN CHINESE (中国作者投稿指南)

1. 中英文均可投稿,组委会代办汉译英论文翻译,汉语论文可直接投稿。翻译费100字/12元(以字符数不计空格统计)

2. 论文需包含题目、作者姓名、单位、城市、国家、摘要、关键词、引言、正文(可分若干章节,每章节须有标题)、结语、参考文献等部分。

3. 建议按照模板的格式编排(最好是在模板的基础上替换原文内容)。论文长度:英文论文20006000词,中文论文45009000字。

4. 请采用邮件附件的形式, 将论文初稿以及填写完毕的论文作者登记表发送到邮箱 icesei99@163.com

5. 本次会议采取先投稿、先送审、符合条件者先发送录用通知方式进行。审稿周期约为1周。

Word 模板: NEW_AuthorInstructions.rtf




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